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Alfie Kray, facilitator and trader in gold, precious stones and jewellery manages the Kray Twins nightclub, Esmerelda’s Barn in Knightsbridge. The club is frequented by Aristocrats, Politicians, Villains, Movie Stars, Brasses and Rent Boys.

Alfie is recruited by MI5 as an asset because he can go where they cannot.

Book 1 Cover
Alfie Kray - The Asset

ISBN #: 978-0-244-88032-3

Government officials are not guilty of any wrong doing but they’re vulnerable. The not unattractive or less confident, secretaries have been targeted and seduced by trained, good looking and educated, East German Romeo’s.  The secrets flow to the broker, Klaus Fleischer, and are sold to the highest bidder.

Klaus, who regularly holds erotic masquerade sex parties, betrays his wife, Monika, with the party organizer, Bee who also manages the woman escorts at Esmerelda's Barn, by breaking their cardinal rule –  no unauthorised sex.

Alfie is asked to have a Safe robbed to help the sultry, yet scorned Monica Fleischer escape to a new life - that leads him to the truth.

Mantle Picture
Alfie Kray - The Asset II
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