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About the Author


S. Clark Kray was born in 1957 to his Mum a Londoner, and his Dad an American Airman. S. Clark Kray's grandfather, Alfie Kray, managed Esmeralda’s Barn Nightclub in Knightsbridge during the early 1960s for his nephews Ron and Reggie Kray. The notorious Kray Twins.

As a child, at 1 Albion Square London E8, down Brick Lane, or when visiting in America, he listened to many of Alfie’s gripping adventures and it was those, his persona, mystique and direct connection to the Kray Twins, during Cold War London, that inspired the creation of this book.

The Kray Twins Grandfather is James William "Mad Jimmy" Kray. Mad Jimmy Kray is S. Clark Kray's Great Grandfather.

This quote from The Family History of The Kray Twins Part 7: Mad Jimmy Kray "TIME DETECTIVES WEB SITE" about James William Kray shows that Alfred, my grandfather, is one of Charlie Sr.'s brothers.

"Wheeling and dealing using his wits and drive to carve out a living, the family growing with child after child, John George in 1902, Albert Charles in 1904, Charles David (The Kray twins father) in 1907, Alfred  1909, William George in 1911, and Louisa in 1914."


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