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S. Clark Kray with Dean Rinaldi Present

Alfie Kray - The Asset -

"A handsome, older, man with devilish hazel green eyes, short combed-back brown hair and a winning smile stepped out of the shadows.  He wore a bespoke single-breasted charcoal grey, rope – stripe Saville Row suit, crisp white shirt and a paisley red tie.

It was the diligent Alfie Kray, the meticulous planner behind today’s successful robbery and uncle to East London’s Kray Twins, Ron and Reggie. However unlike the notorious twins, who sought publicity and the limelight, Alfie was an unassuming trader, a discreet, trustworthy, International fence of high-value gold, platinum and precious stones with decades of experience. He kept his head down, mouth shut and made money."

London 1961  -  Spy City - 

There is a new broker of information, Klaus Fleischer a former East German, who arrived in London prior to the building of the Berlin Wall.

Alfie Kray, facilitator and trader in gold, precious stones and jewellery manages the Kray Twins nightclub, Esmerelda’s Barn in Knightsbridge. The club is frequented by Aristocrats, Politicians, Villains, Movie Stars, Brasses and Rent Boys.

Alfie is recruited by MI5 as an asset because he can go where they cannot.

A strategy of disinformation leads Alfie and his handler, Jack Greenwood formally Z Squadron of 21st SAS who fought in the Malaya Emergency, in the wrong direction. They believe the KGB has infiltrated the world’s most powerful secret society ‘The Freemasons.’ 

Book 1 Cover
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